Finishing Phase Two - Making a Home for the Metanoia Center

Phase Two will complete Making a Home for the Metanoia Center.

Phase Two covers completing the renovation of the second floor of 113 N. Wayne Ave. The second floor consists of two apartments, that when rented, will help address the housing shortage in the immediate area. The proceeds from renting these units will also help create a sustainable income for the Metanoia Center to cover our monthly operating expenses!

Below is a video narrated by Jim Null, one of our Co-Directors of the current condition of the second floor.


Cost Estimate

Our general contractor, Unlimited Carpentry, has submitted to us a formal estimate of costs to completely renovate this floor. The cost, including a small contingency amount in the budget, is $175,000.00. This estimate covers two of everything, two HVAC units, two electrical panels, two bathrooms, two kitchens, new windows throughout, drywalling, new doors including fire rated doors where required, new flooring, renovation of the stairs and stairwell and more.

We are currently seeking donations, donor partners and grants to accomplish the complete renovation.

Our goal is to complete the renovation and rent the apartments before the end of 2023!

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