Partnership Enablement

Many organizations enter into a community with great ideas, and heart to help. But soon they discover that their drive to help, often ends up hurting. Being connected to entities IN the local community, in partnership is key to being effective.

When we think of local community partnerships we think about those entities that are addressed in the community being served. Thus we think about:

  • Schools in the community (public and private),
  • Churches in the community,
  • Businesses in the community,
  • Business owners in the community,
  • Local community government,
  • Local community police and emergency services,
  • Local community groups and organizations,
  • Community social media venues,
  • And neighborhood community groups.

The importance of not begin seen as an outside expert coming into the community with solutions cannot be understated. The importance of the community of seeing you as part of the community, with the communities interests in mind cannot be overstated.

How to create collaborative community partnerships and alliances is should be another primary goal of community development. We're to help you develop a plan to accomplish that goal!

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Above: Collaborative partnerships turn work into fun!


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