The Mural @ the Metanoia Center

The mural at the Metanoia Center, on the north wall of 115 N. Wayne, was completed on September 30, 2022. However, it began several years earlier when we began talking and exploring the idea.

The mural gained significant traction when Mark Lopez shared a photo of a mural that was taken in Bloomington, IN. A team of volunteers that included Sommer Ray, Ella Hamm and Emma Shearer began chatting and thinking about elements to include. Sommer took the design elements and created the very first concept that would become today's mural.

In the early summer of 2022, the Metanoia Center engaged Caleb Smith, a professional graphic designer, to finalize the concept created by Sommer. In September of 2022 we contracted with Matt Cover, of Cover Designs, to paint the final design on the wall, the canvas, of 115 N. Wayne Ave.

The design includes elements from the life of the Village of Lockland, such as the clock, the panther, and metro bus number 78. And the story of Lockland is not complete without the presence of a train since the Village is bound on the east and the west by active train tracks. Thus, the night light on the building is the headlight of a train with the mural. The train's headlight lights up #LoveLockland in the at night time, thus giving it prominence 24 hours a day. The mural is about a message of hope and life for the Village of Lockland.

The Mural @ the Metanoia Center

Designers: Caleb, Elizabeth and Sommer

Painter Extraordinaire Matt Cover