During the winter of 2017-2018 a few folks were sitting around talking about the Village of Lockland. They were rolling around ideas that could help build community pride. The Village of Lockland is a community with an amazing heritage and a bright future! Out of this conversation came the idea of “loving Lockland”, “loving living in Lockland” and then finally #LoveLockland was born.

About the Village of Lockland: The Village of Lockland is a 1.2 square mile community of about 3500 residents north of Cincinnati along the Interstate 75 corridor. It’s a unique urban-suburban community. A community with opportunity for growth – both for residential and business.

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How to Promote #LoveLockland

It costs nothing and takes very little time to use this hashtag. Anytime you’re posting on social media, writing an email, creating a yard sign – anywhere – just add #LoveLockland.