Finishing Phase 1 of a Home for the Metanoia Center

Listed below are items needed to help finish Making a Home for the Metanoia Center. If you are ordering/purchasing an item, please contact us for shipping/delivery instructions. Otherwise, if you are sending a donation please designate with your donation your desired item, or contact us directly with those details.

Round 48" Tables

Round four person tables. We need a total of six tables.

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UPDATE 12/5/2022: ONE has been donated! Thank you!

Chairs for 48" Tables

These are available at Costco, for pickup or delivery. We need a total of 12.

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Table Covers

Protective plastic table covers. We need 12.

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Cleaning Supplies

A gift card to a local Kroger's in the amount of $200.00 is recommended to help stock up all cleaning supplies.

UPDATE 11/29/2022: This item has been donated! Thank you!

Projection Screen

Portable, projection screen, with stand.

UPDATE 11/19/2022. This item has been donated! Thank you!

Completely Finish Kitchenette

Cabinets, electrical, appliances, flooring and more!

$12,000.00 as of 11/1/2022

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Floor Mats

36 x 48 inch floor mats.

UPDATE 12/7/2022: This item has been donated! Thank you!

Farm Table

A custom-made 10 foot wood farm table. The cost estimate for this table, as of 11/14/2022 is $5000.00.

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Chairs for Farm Table

To be announced

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Laptops and Accessories

Laptops to be used with our one-on-one computer training program, and for Internet access by those living in the local community.

Prices subject to change due to sales events at Microcenter. As of 12/6/2022.

These are available locally from Microcenter.

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Shark Vacuum Cleaner

A quality vacuum cleaner with a proven record of use.

UPDATE 11/20/2022: This item has been donated! Thank you!

Bose L1 Pro8 Portable Speaker System

Bose L1 Pro8 - Portable PA System, Portable Line Array Speaker with Integrated Bluetooth, Built-in Mixer and Wireless App Control

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Furniture for Entry Area, "the living room"

Rugged, commercial grade furniture designed to withstand heavy use for many years.

$5000.00 as of 11/1/2022.

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White Board Mobile Divider Walls

Two white boards, on wheels that can be moved around as needed. They are double-sided and magnetic. They can be used as divider walls as well. Commercial grade!

$1500.00 as of 11/1/2022.

UPDATE 11/18/2022: This item has been donated! Thank you!