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The Metanoia Center is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 organization, as such, your donation is eligible for tax deductible consideration. Please consult with a tax professional for complete details about claiming a deduction.

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By Check

Checks made out to the "Metanoia Center" can be mailed to our business office. By sending a check we receive the full amount of your donation. There are no service fees deducted.

Metanoia Center
316 Home Ave.
Lockland, OH, 45215


Ideal for one-time, and recurring, online donations with a checking account or a debit/credit card.

SimpleGive deducts a service fee of about 2.50% from your donation.

Donate Here


One-time or recurring donations using a debit or credit card or a PayPal account. You are not required to create a PayPal account to donate.

PayPal deducts a service fee of about 2.90% from your donation.

Amazon Smile


Visit smile.amazon.com, login, and search for eligible charities locating “Metanoia Center” in Lockland, OH! And then, everytime you login and make a purchase, a portion of your purchase will be donated to the Metanoia Center!


Contact us to donate tangible items such as gift cards, food cards, bottled water, computers, office equipment, scholarships and other goods. Needs and requests will vary throughout the year.


Wills, trusts, stocks or bonds are also great methods of making donations to the ministry of the Metanoia Center. Please contact us to discuss.


We would be more than delighted to discuss how to make a donation for a designated ministry of the Metanoia Center - where the donated funds are protected and set aside for a specifcially identified ministry effort.


The Metanoia Center is registered with GuideStar. Click the button below for more details.


Special Mention - follow this link to appreciate businesses and churches who have helped the Metanoia Center through donations, special gifts and/or assistance.