Community / Neighborhood Ministry

The foundation of all community ministry should begin with prayer.

The typical ministry effort is either project, or program, focused. Let's get busy doing the "thing" we have targeted. Let's do something we can measure, and something someone can repeat.

However, prayer is about preparation, empowering and partnering with God with what He has already been doing in the community. Prayer is not about project or program or measuring or repeating or big measurement numbers.

Without prayer it's safe to say that "community ministry" isn't about ministry.

There are several "levels" of prayer to focus when beginning, or continuing, community ministry.

  • Team Prayer - being constant in prayer with your team, as a team, for the ministry you are undertaking.
  • Prayer Walks - walking a community to pray for that community and those you come into contact with during the walk.
  • Prayer Stations - fixed locations in business and busy areas of the community where you reach out to pray for those who pass by.
  • Community Prayer - gathering the community and the churches together to pray for the community.

Above: Pictured above is a Prayer Walk team standing on an urban street corner praying. Prayer walk teams are of all ages from 9 to 109. A typical Prayer Walk covers 1 to 2 miles and lasts about 2 hours in length. Teams are given sheets of paper with prayer topics to help guide their hearts for the community.

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