A Home for the Metanoia Center

The Metanoia Center took possession of 113 N. Wayne Avenue in the Village of Lockland, Ohio on February 5, 2020 to become our future home! We're now in the process of repairing and rehabbing the building bringing it back to life!

Pray, Participate and Promote

Pray that we have God's mind and heart for the Metanoia Center. Participate - come and volunteer or donate, or join our facilitator team. Promote - share about the Metanoia Center, to your church, your friends, family and others - help us get the news out about the Center, it's purpose and it's needs.

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Funding A Home for the Metanoia Center

Our estimate of funds needed to complete the task and have occupancy permits in place is $300,000.00.

The building has a second floor that consists of two apartments that will be used as rental property to help generate income for the Metanoia Center. The 1800 square foot bottom floor is where the Metanoia Center will operate from.

These funds will do the following, and more:

  • Completely rehab the two apartments on the second floor with all new materials, cabinets and appliances.
  • Install HVAC systems on both floors.
  • Completely rehab the bottom floor for use by the Metanoia Center.
  • Build out two ADA bathrooms on the bottom floor.
  • Build out a kitchenette on the bottom floor.
  • Purchase furniture and equipment for the Metanoia Center.
  • All new electrical and plumbing throughout the building.
  • Install a fire-rated ceiling on the bottom floor.
  • Replace windows in the apartments with new vinyl windows.
  • Provide for insulation on both floors.
  • Provide for flooring on both floors.
  • And more.

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A Home for the Metanoia Center

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