About the Metanoia Center

The Metanoia Center was established as a 501c3 faith-based non-profit organization in August of 2018. The mission of the Metanoia Center is to help transform people and place through wholistic solutions that focus on betterment and development by offering a variety of literacy and community outreach opportunities. We are focused on betterment and development, versus relief. As such, core to our ministry is a variety of Biblically-centered literacy courses that address the needs of the individual and local and surrounding communities. The Metanoia Center executes it's mission without regard to race, gender, color, ethnicity, disability, religion, national origin, education, or income.

Metanoia means afterthought, from meta meaning "after" or "beyond" and nous meaning "mind". In Classical Greek metanoia meant changing one's mind about someone or something. Biblically, metanoia is used to refer to the change of mind/heart which is brought about in repentance. Another word used in conjunction with the definition of metanoia is transformation. Thus metanoia is the changing, transformation, of ones mind, or heart, that results in a change, or transformation, of lifestyle. You might say that a transformation of lifestyle is evidence of a transformed mind and heart. It is our conviction that true, lasting metanoia occurs through Biblical re-birth that results in the restoration of relationship with God, the Creator, that then leads to restoration of relationship with others, creation and self - wholistic.

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Accomplishing Our Mission


Tools Used in Accomplishing Our Mission

Faith & Finances

Faith & Finances is a 12-week financial literacy course.

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Community Ministry

We come alongside churches and ministries in helping them reach into their own communities through Prayer Walks, Prayer Stations and other community engagement efforts.

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We are available to consult with other ministries and churches towards developing an urban ministry strategy.

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Events & Activities

Throughout the year we sponsor and hold a wide selection of events, trainings and community involvement activites.

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Creation Health

Creation Health is an 8-week health and wellness course based upon the Creation Story.

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Equipping Classes

We are a life skills, education and ministry center focused on equipping individuals, adults and children, with the tools and skills necessary to resource their passion and purpose for a productive life.

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How is the Metanoia Center Funded

The Metanoia Center is completely funded through donations and grants. We do not accept any funding, or grant, that would deviate us from a wholistic Biblical approach to accomplishing our mission. Read more about how you can help fund the efforts of the Metanoia Center by clicking the 'donate' button below.


Board and Management

Day-to-day management and leadership of the Metanoia Center is carried out by Jim and Phyllis Null, Founders and Co-Directors of the Metanoia Center.

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Board Members

Terms expire 12/31 of the indicated year.