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Work Day - Making a Home for the Metanoia Center

Work Day Information

Project: Painting Work Day

Maximum Number of Participants: 15

Date: Saturday - December 5, 2020

Time: 9:30 am

Location: 113 and 115 N. Wayne Ave, Lockland, OH, 45215

Questions? Contact: Jim Null @ 502.235.7338 (text or call) or by email here.


We will gather at the Metanoia Center at 9:30 am. We will first have a brief time of prayer. Each person will then be assigned to a specific wall to paint/prime. Please come dressed appropriately to get paint on clothing you don't mind doing so. There is no heat in building 113 where most of the painting will take place - so warm clothing is also in order. Some surfaces will require two coats of paint/primer. We'll be using thick rollers to ensure that lots of paint/primer gets placed on the cinder block walls. Bring your favorite paint brush, thick-nap roller and extensions. REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE EARLY ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4TH.

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Let Us Know You're Coming

As of 11-30-2020, no people have signed up out of 15 maximum participant spots.

We will text you if there are any updates on time, location, etc.

Please bring a Volunteer Release and Waiver Form for each person who has not provided us with a form for this year.