How to Help / Donate

We are currently working to acquire our incorporation within the State of Ohio, and to apply for our tax-exempt status for donations.  Until such is complete, donations to the Metanoia Center are not eligible for tax deductible consideration.

Below is a clickable image to an affiliate site to purchase a HopeDeck!  Proceeds from your purchase will help generate “seed funds” for the Metanoia Center.


How To Donate

Checks can be made out to “Metanoia Center” and mailed to:

Metanoia Center
316 Home Ave.
Lockland, OH  45215

You can also make an “in person” donation directly to our account at Valley Central Bank located at 115 West Benson Street, Reading, OH 45215.

Our Needs

  • Funds to cover legal costs to apply for incorporation and tax deductible status.
  • Funds for course scholarships.
  • Funds for equipment, such as computers, printers, desks, chairs and so forth.
  • Funds for ongoing operational costs, such as insurance, utilities, internet, etc.
  • Funds to cover the cost to vet volunteers.

How You Can Help

Contact us if you have a desire to join in our mission, using the CHE strategy.  We’d like to meet with you to discuss your skills and gifts (assets in CHE language) and how they may line up with the Metanoia Center.

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