We have had the privilege of sharing the biblically-based principles in our Faith & Finance class, the past two Tuesday evenings at Lockland High School.

Our first night we had five in attendance and last week we had nine! We have shared personal discoveries and confessions as well as open and honest discussions concerning our management or mismanagement of our financial resources. This twelve-week curriculum teaches biblical principles for proper stewarding of income and expenses. Many of the participants, because they are on a fixed income or have limited financial resources, desire to know how to use their income in the most beneficial, God-honoring ways.

In our first two weeks, we have learned how our money affects our relationships, as well as exploring personal values and attitudes about money. In some of the lessons ahead, we will be looking at setting savings goals, creating spending plans, managing debt, and preparing for emergencies. We are grateful to Lockland Schools for giving us the opportunity to launch their Adult Education Program with this course. They have been very encouraging and supportive of our efforts. Please pray for our participants to be faithful in their class attendance and to come to class with open hearts to receive the instruction that the Lord has for them.

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Article Provided by:

Phyllis Null
Faith and Finances Facilitator
Metanoia Center, Chief Engagement Officer