The Village of Lockland is a community of about 3500 residents north of Cincinnati along the Interstate 75 corridor.  It’s a unique urban-suburban community.  A community with opportunity for growth – both for residential and business growth.  We love living in Lockland! This site is dedicated to the #LoveLockland Movement.

Our intent is to catalyze a movement.  The #LoveLockland Movement!

This is a grass roots movement for, and from, the residents, businesses and churches in the Village of Lockland, Ohio.  We love our community!   This Movement is about standing up and saying so!  2018 is the initial year of this Movement, and, to get the ball rolling we’ll be making bumper stickers available throughout Lockland so you can join in the #LoveLockland Movement by placing them on your cars, trucks, windows, even on your notebooks and laptop covers.  Be responsible – only place them on something you personally own!


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